The Customer has the right to return the order without penalty (postage fees may apply) from the receipt of the order confirmation sent by, no later than 4 working days after receipt of the product at the address indicated for delivery. The date on the delivery receipt is full proof of receipt of the product by the Customer. The Customer can notify RDV Group Ltd, of his/her rejection choice through via written or printed letter sent by mail, which must be delivered to the address of RDV Group Ltd.
If the product has already been delivered, the customer is required to return it to RDV Group Ltd.
If the product has been delivered, the substantial integrity of the product is a requirement for it to be returned. The Customer must send the product properly packed; RDV Group Ltd, does not accept damaged returns, but only items kept in normal state of preservation.
Products that are damaged by detergents/additives or products damaged by the Customer will not be replaced nor refunded. The Customer must place a copy of the delivery document inside the return box. The transportation risks for the return of the products are entirely borne by the Customer.
– The costs for returning the items to RDV Group Ltd, are responsibility of the Customer. If the Customer returns an item in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions, RDV Group Ltd, will reimburse the sums paid by the Customer on the credit card or Pay Pal account, or through the bank details provided by the Customer in the written or printed letter about the rejection.
– some products may not be returnable at all.